Wet Combustion

Wet Combustion SliceThe VAST combustion technology is the core of many of the other VAST technologies.  This combustion process utilizes wet combustion but is able to go way beyond the conventional wisdom on the highest water/fuel or omega (ω) ratio possible and still have a stable reaction.  Controlling the ω ratio and relative air to fuel, or lambda (λ), the ratio has given some surprising results:

  • Simpler multifuel capabilities.
  • ω ratio greater than 10:1 with stable reactions.
  • Stable combustion below 700°C/1290°F.
  • Controlled, cool, combustion at near stoichiometric.
  • Emissions of NOX and CO below 1 part per million (ppm) when normalized at 15% O2.
  • Quieter combustion.