Our Team

VAST has a multi-level approach to staffing. An Executive Leadership Team sets the direction for the firm, makes certain VAST has required resources, and that those resources are utilized effectively. This includes providing everything necessary to allow a multifunctional team to achieve desired synergy consisting of encouragement and accountability, clear statement of purpose, agreed-upon strategy, and structures for cooperation.

A gifted group of core internal staff is working together to carry out the elements of the agreed-upon strategy. While individuals in this group have areas of expertise and have been selected to work in specific areas of responsibility, they also have evidenced a commitment and willingness to move from task to task to do whatever necessary to bring success as the VAST strategy evolves.

Finally, VAST has a cadre of specialists with whom it has formed consulting relationships. These firms and individuals are leaders in their areas of expertise and are providing VAST with significant “firepower” to move ahead. Because VAST’s strategy is to commercialize its technology in applications found in many varied markets, it is vital to find experts in these markets who can enable VAST to meet the right needs and do it in the right way with the right partners.

Core Internal Staff

Gary Ginter – Chairman/Interim CEO/Lead Angel Investor

Dr. David Hagen – Chief Scientist

John O’Halloran – President/Chief Technology Officer

Chuck Thomas – V.P. of Marketing

Allan McGuire – V.P. of Engineering

Amy Anstine – Research Analyst