Gary Ginter

Chairman/Interim CEO/Lead Angel InvestorGary Ginter Photo

Gary has been instrumental in the successful start-up and growth of multiple businesses in varying fields. Prior to 1997, he focused primarily on firms related to the financial trading industry and particularly those trading futures, options, and securities using the power of computer technologies. Gary understands what it means to manage risk in a complex world and he is gifted in ferreting out important information, then making decisions based on what he has learned.

This has been an asset to him as he has served on the Boards of Directors of many companies and it is a great asset to VAST. Gary’s extensive global experience, having done business in many areas of the world, provides a significant benefit to this global research and development effort. Having grown up with VASTechnologies™ in their embryonic form as he worked as a teenager with his father, Gary has a well-honed intuition about the technologies’ many aspects. At the same time, the broad and deep business experience of the ensuing years has prepared him to give leadership to this firm.

“Pursuing the development of VASTechnologies from a start-up effort and eager to see it become a world-class company is thrilling for me. With a talented and innovative team and a shared expectation of success, this groundbreaking technology can and will, literally, change the world.” – Gary Ginter

  • Principal in multiple start-ups and a major IPO.
  • Founding Principal in two private firms with a combined value of over $320MM.
  • Partner in Hull Trading sold to Goldman Sachs in 1998 for $531 million.
  • Founding Angel Investor of many start-ups in communities of need worldwide.
  • Chairman of many non-profit organizations, several of which he helped found.

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