Dr. David Hagen

Co-Founder & Chief ScientistDavid Hagen Photo

With 17 US patents issued to VAST,  Dr. Hagen has led the recent development of  VAST’s power and combustion technologies. His ability to process large amounts of information, address widely inter-disciplinary issues, and to think “beyond the box” are great assets to VAST. He has extended VAST technologies, applying them into related applications with more in the pipeline.

“Working with VAST has been a very stimulating and challenging effort in developing paradigm changing combustion and power systems. It has been wonderful to work with a team with similar dreams and complementary skills and such potential.” – David Hagen

With a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering (Design) and a master’s degree in Chemistry (Physical) from the University of Minnesota, on top of a Bachelor’s in Physics and Chemistry, David has extensive research and development experience. He has worked in a variety of areas from methanol fuel to flywheel storage, solar thermal power to biomass gasification, alluvial mining to coconut processing, and from precision instrumentation to software and patents. David’s broad spectrum of consulting includes cross-cultural projects from Mozambique to Papua New Guinea dealing with natural resources and power.

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and MSc Chemistry, Univ. of Minnesota.
  • Extensive research & development on wet combustion, power systems, hydrocarbon recovery, etc., filing 27 patents.
  • Broad experience in solar, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and sustainable energy.
  • Co-authored a major 330-page report on solar energy to reduce Australian greenhouse gases.
  • Extensively worked on direct coconut processing to increase tropical smallholder revenues by > 500%.
  • Lived 21 years in Australia and India; speaks Nepali.